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Customer & job information anywhere, anytime

Easily find customer contact information including name, address, phone number, and email. Review job information including products, services, notes, attached documents, and job checklists.

Live Sync

All changes are live-synced between the ServiceBridge mobile app and your field service management and accounting software.

No internet? No problem.

When the internet service is not available, ServiceBridge app will cache all activity until the internet service is restored. The app will notify you if data has not synced.


Save on travel time and fuel costs

Map job locations, find the fastest route and avoid traffic. Receive voice-guided driving directions to the job-site.

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Signature preview

Capture signatures
& job photos

Capture photos before the job starts and after it is finished. Include your comments for each photo. Email photos to a customer in a job summary report from the field.

Include captured signatures in the work order receipt to provide exceptional customer service and proof of job completion.


Access and update job details

Review and update prices and quantities for products and services assigned to a job.

Use the built-in search box feature to browse and instantly find an exact product or service in your database.

Collect cash, checks, or credit card payment information. Access previous payment information including date, type, and amount.

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Update installed equipment records

Access customer on-site equipment information including manufacturer, model, serial number, and warranty.

Update equipment status and notes during your visit.

Update installed equipment records
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Retain your knowledge

Provide instructional resources to expedite training of new team members, and ensure that the knowledge collected over the years remains with the company after experienced technicians retire.

All files are securely stored in the cloud for an instant access to technicians in the field.

Convert paper forms and reports to an interactive digital format

Convert paper forms to a digital format

Anytime Access

View digital forms and reports on handheld
devices. Easily email generated PDF files to
customers and back-office from the field.

Efficient Data Input

File reports faster using checkmark, text, and
pre-configured drop-down input field, including
simple-to-capture technician and customer

View Online

Submitted forms and reports are readily
available on the ServicePortal for quick access to view and download as PDF files.

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Provide exceptional customer service

Keep your customers informed by emailing service receipts and estimates directly from the field when jobs are finished.

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Spell check and voice-recognition

Enter notes faster and skip the typing using the latest voice recognition features of your mobile device.

Keep the text clean and typo-free with built-in spell check features.

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Mobile printer compatible

Forms, reports, estimates and work order receipts can be printed out at the job site using a mobile printer.