Trusted by Our Users

Trusted by Our Users

Get Organized. Get Paid. Grow Your Business.

Detailed Work Orders + Estimates

Get the job done right and delight your customers using ServiceBridge. Our work order management system provides the details you need on every job - customer information, parts + services, custom fields, photos, notes and more.

Create accurate estimates for your customers from the office or the field - with itemized totals, sketches, and professionally branded documents for your customers. We manage your entire workflow - from estimate to invoice and beyond.

Smarter Scheduling

Keep your business on the move with ServiceBridge scheduling. Our intuitive calendar board allows your office team to view each team's schedule by the day, week, or month. Easily assign incoming jobs to the right team with skill-based scheduling and personnel availability.

Scheduling is only the beginning of managing your team with ServiceBridge - see each team member's location with real-time geo-tracking capabilities, set different permissions by team, and quickly add or remove devices as your team changes over time.

Accounting + QuickBooks Integration

Get paid faster and simplify your accounting process with ServiceBridge. Our best-in-class integration with QuickBooks Online provides real-time, two-way syncing - keeping your books in order, eliminating data entry errors, and ensuring your business has consistent cashflow.

ServiceBridge accounting can be customized to fit your needs - set custom due dates for each customer, collect payments in the field with mobile card reader support, flag overdue invoices, and more. We give you the power to take control of your business' financial health.

Customer Insights

Customers keep you in business - get deep insight into each and every customer you serve with ServiceBridge. Our robust Service CRM simplifies the process of intake and customer service by allowing you to track every interaction - work orders, estimates, notes and more.

Manage multiple locations for your customers, create third-party bill payers for corporate accounts, and understand where your customers come from with ServiceBridge.

Products and Services

Provide accurate estimates, understand your profitability, correctly track comissions and more with a completely customizable list of products and services in your ServiceBridge account.

Set SKUs, tax information, cost and more for each product, track labor hours on each job, and bundle together products and services for common jobs. Create custom pricing groups for different customers and jobs. Take full control of every job with ServiceBridge.

Powerful Features for Your Business

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say


"It's saved me countless hours and stacks of paper. I'd recommend to anyone who wants to increase efficiency in and out of the office. 5 stars."

Adam Polce

"ServiceBridge has really helped my company organize our service department. The ability to see how productive we are daily is a huge advantage. ServiceBridge Rocks!"

Stephen Copeland
Sales Coordinator

It saves on all paperwork. It covers the beginning estimate with the salesperson through to the crew and collection of money due. A start to finish program that is awesome.

Kenneth Parsons

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