Attach photos and collect signatures

Photos captured on mobile devices with the ServiceBridge app will instantly sync with your office, automatically appearing on the job receipt and the estimate documents. ServiceBridge gives you the ability to email all of the pertinent documents directly to your customers from the field, and your clients can sign off directly on a tablet computer’s touchscreen with their finger.

Find the fastest routes, save time and fuel

Travel route optimization is simple, as ServiceBridge displays the locations of all current daily assignments on an interactive map and allows you or your drivers to find the closest jobs and avoid traffic. Our Field Service software also provides voice-guided turn-by-turn driving directions to the job site.

Reduce office calls and simplify job costing

Through ServiceBridge, you can give field workers the option to create new work orders, estimates, and customers from their mobile devices. Field workers will also have the ability to lookup product and service pricing, quote a job, and email estimates directly to customers, making the process that much more smooth.

Access photos, videos, manuals and brochures

Using the Knowledge Base feature of the ServiceBridge app, you can store files in the cloud for instant field access. Every sales opportunity is maximized with professional photos and brochures, instantly accessible via the cloud. In addition, training resources for new staff members, such as instructional videos and manuals, can be stored and referred to on-the-go to improve first-time fix rates.

Customize the mobile app

Using the mobile app, you can customize inspection lists and field reports to be easily accessible and fillable. All of your documents can be conveniently converted to PDFs, which can then be emailed to the office and customers from the field, or printed using a mobile printer.

Track equipment warranties and service contracts

With ServiceBridge, keeping a record of equipment installed at your job locations as well as maintenance history is easy, and that record is accessible from anywhere. With this easily-accessible information, you always know what is covered under the service contract and keep track of manufacturer warranties.

Use bar codes

Using your phone’s camera, you can scan barcodes of products and equipment. You can also create your own barcode labels and assign to inventory items, linking inventory management to the ServiceBridge field service app and optimizing your processes.

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets

When a job update is made on the mobile app, it immediately syncs with the system so that all the members in your organization are aware of the field activities. If an internet connection is unavailable in the field, the mobile app will continue to work offline and sync all information automatically when the connection is restored.

Works Offline

Spell Check

Voice Recognition

Mobile Printer Compatible

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