Service Level Agreement

  1. Description of Support Services.

    Support Services are limited to the diagnosis of actual Errors attributable to any ServiceBridge Service, and specifically exclude support to remedy an Error or malfunction that is caused in whole or in part by: (i) any equipment, materials, products or software not provided by ServiceBridge; (ii) any unauthorized repair, adjustment, modification or alteration to the ServiceBridge Service by Subscriber or any third party, (iii) any refusal by Subscriber to install or to use a remedy, update, or replacement version of the ServiceBridge Service offered by ServiceBridge to Subscriber at no cost; (iv) any use of the ServiceBridge Service not in accordance with the documentation; (v) any neglect, accident or misuse of the ServiceBridge Service; (vii) any malfunction that is not attributable to the ServiceBridge Service, or (vi) any defect in the ServiceBridge Service that is not the most current or immediately prior release of the ServiceBridge Service.  For purposes of this Policy, “Error(s)” means a reoccurring failure of the ServiceBridge Service to perform substantially in accordance with its functional specifications that is caused by an Error in the ServiceBridge Service and not caused by any other factors.  Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that Support Services shall not apply to any third party hardware or software products, and Subscriber agrees to only look to the licensor of such third party hardware or software products for any maintenance and support.

    ServiceBridge will provide initial Support Services on all calls when requested to do so by Subscriber. Subscriber will be notified as soon as it is suspected or known that the Error is not attributable to the ServiceBridge Service and can then decide if work should continue.

    Support Services shall consist of the following:

    1. Support Services. Support Services for the ServiceBridge Service shall consist of the following:
      1. Hours for Real‑Time Assistance.Real-time technical assistance, via Support Services, is provided to Subscriber between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays (with additional access through the use of e-mail, telephone and/or by facsimile). Subscriber is responsible for maintaining all associated access controls and passwords for contacting Support Services.  Support Services is available to log calls via email, prioritize calls, and check call status 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as displaying all significant notes made on the call by a Subscriber representative.  ServiceBridge will also maintain email communications from a single support mailbox.  The Support Services email will only be monitored Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central time.  ServiceBridge will also maintain normal telephone communications in the form of a single telephone number for support which can be found (312) 242-1891.

      2. System Down Email Service and Overnight Support Services. Emergency email support to assist in critical issue resolution will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will be continuously monitored electronically so appropriate support personnel may be contacted directly by email when required.

    2. Error Correction.

      1. In the event an Error is found in the program logic of the ServiceBridge Service, ServiceBridge will endeavor to correct such Errors or provide a temporary work-around for such Error in accordance with this Policy. All updates, modifications and work-arounds shall be provided by ServiceBridge.

      2. To the extent possible, ServiceBridge will endeavor to address simple requests and informational type questions during an initial call review. More difficult Errors may also be resolved in this manner if they have previously been addressed by ServiceBridge. Subscriber calls related to Errors that are not resolved during the initial call review by Subscriber are followed up in order of priority and severity as assigned by ServiceBridge in the ServiceBridge call tracking system.  The assigned severity level will determine how ServiceBridge and Subscriber will respond to the call, and the approach Subscriber will use in pursuing final resolution to the Error.  Final resolution may include instruction to Subscriber as to how the Error can be avoided or corrected, instruction to Subscriber on implementing a work-around procedure or correction, issuance of software updates or data correction that can be applied by Subscriber immediately, development of software corrections that will be available to Subscriber in a future release of the Licensed Product, development of software enhancement that will be considered for availability to Subscriber in a future release, or any combination of these alternatives.

    3. Subscriber Responsibilities. Subscriber shall promptly notify ServiceBridge of all Errors with the ServiceBridge Service, and shall, if applicable, provide assistance in identifying and detecting Errors. As requested by ServiceBridge, Subscriber shall provide data and information regarding all Errors in sufficient detail and with sufficient supporting documentation to enable ServiceBridge to diagnose, and if necessary, recreate the Error, error or malfunction.

    4. Updates and New Releases. ServiceBridge will provide Subscriber all updates to the ServiceBridge Service that are commercially released by ServiceBridge to its general customer base for the applicable Licensed Product as part of Support Services during the term of the license for such ServiceBridge Service, together with loading instructions adequate for a reasonably skilled operator to install and operate the update and related installation program.  It is the responsibility of Subscriber to follow the installation instructions as delivered. Updates provided to Subscriber pursuant to this Policy shall be considered part of the ServiceBridge Service for purposes of this Policy (and governed consistent therewith) upon delivery to Subscriber.

    5. Updated Release Notes. ServiceBridge will periodically provide updated release notes associated with enhancements resulting from fixes to the ServiceBridge Service.