Pool Cleaning Business Software

ServiceBridge provides an ideal solution for pool cleaning businesses - making it simple to manage schedules and assign jobs, send e-mail reminders to customers about upcoming service appointments, document work completed and send invoices. Our route optimization features make sure you're always on the fastest route so you can get more work done, and real-time GPS tracking allows you to see real-time progress of your team.

Pest Control Software

ServiceBridge is trusted by leading pest control and wildlife removal companies for their software needs, including Critter Control. Custom forms makes it easy to track chemical usage for compliance reporting. Route optimization and GPS tracking ensures your team is always on schedule, unlimited cloud storage makes it easy to document work orders, and invoicing has never been easier with full two-way QuickBooks Online integration.

Handyman Software

If you're a handyman, you're doing everything - shouldn't your software do everything for you? ServiceBridge is trusted by a variety of contracting businesses - gutter cleaning companies, window installation, and much more. Whatever you do, ServiceBridge allows you to easily create work orders, create custom forms and reports to fit the unique needs of your business, and get paid faster with payment profiles and instant QuickBooks Online integration.

Landscaping Software

ServiceBridge provides an ideal solution for landscaping businesses - track your team, create custom forms for plant and chemical types, and invoice clients with ease. Spend less time in your software, and more time growing your business.

Cleaning Business Software

ServiceBridge's easy-to-use scheduling, dispatch, and work order assignment functions make it an ideal solution for residential and commercial cleaning businesses - work orders are automatically pushed to employees phones, with route optimization and GPS tracking ensuring that they are on the most efficient route. With ServiceBridge, you can set recurring appointments for regular visits and implement custom forms for specific cleaning requests.

Commercial Services

ServiceBridge offers powerful features for commercial services businesses such as elevator repair, industrial equipment maintainance, and other commercial field services. Our robust platform is customizable to your needs - ensuring that your business has every tool needed to get the job done. ServiceBridge works on every device, and gives your technicians the information they need to keep your team moving and keep revenue flowing.

Franchise Solutions

ServiceBridge offers unique features for franchise field service businesses. Our cloud-based solution is easy to deploy to one location, or one hundred - and our customization options ensure that we can fine-tune our software to fit the exact needs of your business. Branded customer portals and invoicing help to keep your branding consistent across location.

HVAC and Plumbing

ServiceBridge is an ideal solution for companies in the plumbing and HVAC spaces. Custom forms and equipment options allow you to track all the work you do; and easily invoice customers with QuickBooks online integration. ServiceBridge offers you the same, smart interface on desktop and mobile devices; giving you a unified platform for running your business.

API Integration

ServiceBridge offers two-way QuickBooks Online integration - syncing invoices, taxes and more; making it easy to keep your accounting correct. In addition, our Public API makes it possible to connect ServiceBridge with a number of third-party web applications

Secure Data Storage

ServiceBridge offers unlimited, secure cloud data storage - allowing you to store customer notes, photos, videos, custom forms and more. ServiceBridge is based on the Amazon Web Services platform, offering 99.99% availability and the highest level of data security.

Cloud Enabled Sharing

ServiceBridge is cloud-based, allowing your service business to easily share documentation with clients through the customer portal. Invoices, work orders, photos and more are instantly available to share with your customers. .

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