Scheduling Made Simple

ServiceBridge's intuitive scheduling interface makes it easy to plan out your team's day, week, and month. Administrators can see at a glance an employee or team's schedule for the day or week, and easily match availability to unassigned jobs. Schedules can be changed at any time - employees are notified of schedule changes on their phones instantly.

Keep Your Team on Track

ServiceBridge offers real-time GPS tracking on mobile devices, ensuring that you always know where your team is and can ensure they're on the best route. In addition, ServiceBridge's route optimization features allow teams and employees to plan the most efficient route between appointments to minimize time between locations and maximize work completed in a day. ServiceBridge integrates with Google Maps, making it easy to navigate your way to the next job.

Invoicing + QuickBooks Integration

ServiceBridge makes invoicing easy, allowing you to customize invoices to reflect the right information to customers. Branded invoices with invoice notes, line items of products and services rendered, and company information are sent directly from the application to your customer's e-mail. ServiceBridge also integrates a branded service portal allowing your customers to view their invoices, pay online, and schedule service calls. Best of all, ServiceBridge offers full QuickBooks Online integration to keep your accounting records accurate.

Reports and Timesheets

ServiceBridge offers timesheet functionality to help cleaning service businesses manage their payroll accurately. ServiceBridge also offers powerful reporting features within the application and through our public API - giving business owners the ability to identify top performers, their most profitable locations and services, and identify opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Unlimited File Storage

ServiceBridge's cloud-based application allows for unlimited document storage - allowing your team to take photos, videos, and more of the job site. From home layout charts to notes on each customers preferences, you can attach files to records in ServiceBridge to provide the best service possible.

Custom Forms

ServiceBridge allows you to create custom forms for customers, work orders, and estimates - ensuring you can collect and document all the information you team needs to get the job done.

QuickBooks Integration

ServiceBridge offers two-way QuickBooks Online integration - syncing invoices, taxes and more; making it easy to keep your accounting correct.

Unlimited Data

ServiceBridge offers unlimited cloud data storage - allowing you to store customer notes, photos, videos, custom forms and more for unlimited periods.

Cloud Based Software

ServiceBridge is cloud-based, giving you the ability to manage your business on any internet-connected device. There are no servers to maintain; no need to install software to a specific computer or back up your files - simply log in from any device to manage your business.

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