Enterprise Work Order Management

ServiceBridge's powerful yet easy to use system provides customized work order management. Get full insight and documentation into the details of each job completed to ensure client satisfaction and proper installation of equipment. ServiceBridge's work order management system can be easily adapted to meet your unique workflow and deployed across hundreds of users in a matter of days - not months.

Comprehensive GPS Tracking

ServiceBridge's advanced scheduling, tracking, and routing features keeps your team on track and on time. Instantly see the location of service teams with real-time GPS tracking to ensure they're on schedule and make adjustments for unforeseen circumstances. ServiceBridge integrates with Google Maps on end-user devices - simply push a button and your on your way to the next job. Always know where your team is and who's available for a work order across your organization.

Clear, Personalized Invoicing

ServiceBridge comes fully integrated with a customer portal and invoicing system that integrates to QuickBooks Online. Clients can easily access this portal to see the work that's been completed and exactly what they're being billed for - ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and avoiding any confusion. Payment profiles are integrated into the ServiceBridge platform, making it simple to run a card and collect payment for your services.

Custom Forms

ServiceBridge allows organizations to create custom forms to match their requirements and workflow - whatever your organization needs to document at a job site can be implemented in a custom form to allow your team full documentation when in the field. Create a custom form, and it's instantly implemented to all users across the organization, helping to keep workflows consistent.

API Integration

ServiceBridge offers two-way QuickBooks Online integration - syncing invoices, taxes and more; making it easy to keep your accounting correct. In addition, our Public API makes it possible to connect ServiceBridge with a number of third-party web applications

Secure Data Storage

ServiceBridge offers unlimited, secure cloud data storage - allowing you to store customer notes, photos, videos, custom forms and more. ServiceBridge is based on the Amazon Web Services platform, offering 99.99% availability and the highest level of data security.

Cloud Enabled Sharing

ServiceBridge is cloud-based, allowing your service business to easily share documentation with clients through the customer portal. Invoices, work orders, photos and more are instantly available to share with your customers. .

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