Simple Work Order Management

ServiceBridge's mobile application makes it simple for your landscaping team to create, view, and manage work orders as well as customer records easily. Our custom forms make it possible for your team to track just about anything - from the amount of fertilizer used to landscaping preferences. Cloud-enabled unlimited storage allows you to document work at each customer site.

See Your Team in Real-Time

ServiceBridge allows dispatchers and business owners to see the progress of their team with real-time GPS - you'll always know where your team is at, ensuring that jobs are being completed on schedule and allowing dispatchers to adjust appointments for traffic delays or other problems.

Scheduling Made Simple

ServiceBridge's intuitive interface allows dispatchers and team managers to see their technician's schedules at a glance with our customizable calendar view. Easily drag and drop jobs to re-assign between teams or change an appointment time. Technician's are automatically notified of schedule changes, helping keep them on track throughout the day.

Invoicing + QuickBooks Integration

ServiceBridge makes invoicing your customers simple for all parties, so you get paid faster. Our product includes branded service portals, making it easy for customers to pay their bill and understand exactly what's included in their invoice. Best of all, invoices and payments in ServiceBridge are automatically integrated into your QuickBooks Online account - keeping your books accurate and making accounting easier for your team.

Designed For Your Business

ServiceBridge is designed with the unique needs of the pool service industry in mind. When peak season comes, it's easy to add additional team members - simply add a license and have them download the ServiceBridge application to their device. Our onboarding team will ensure they get up and running quickly.

There are no minimum license requirements or contracts with ServiceBridge, allowing you to minimize costs during the off-season. All your data is archived and securely stored in the cloud, allowing your business to pick right back up when peak season rolls back around.

API Integration

ServiceBridge offers two-way QuickBooks Online integration - syncing invoices, taxes and more; making it easy to keep your accounting correct. In addition, our Public API makes it possible to connect ServiceBridge with a number of third-party web applications

Secure Data Storage

ServiceBridge offers unlimited, secure cloud data storage - allowing you to store customer notes, photos, videos, custom forms and more. ServiceBridge is based on the Amazon Web Services platform, offering 99.99% availability and the highest level of data security.

Cloud Enabled Sharing

ServiceBridge is cloud-based, allowing your service business to easily share documentation with clients through the customer portal. Invoices, work orders, photos and more are instantly available to share with your customers. .

Grow your Service Business

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