Work Order Management + Chemical Tracking

ServiceBridge's mobile application allows your field technicians to create, view, and manage work orders and customer records easily. Unlimited file storage and invoice notes makes it easy to track exactly what was done at a location. Custom forms allow pool cleaning businesses to track the useage of chlorine, shock, and algaecide at each customer site; allowing technicians to see how much chemical was used on the last service.

Route Optimization + Tracking

ServiceBridge makes it easy to keep your team on track. Our advanced route optimization features automatically finds the fastest route between scheduled work orders; helping your team to serve more customers, faster. ServiceBridge also offers real-time GPS tracking, so that you can keep track of your team throughout the day, spot delays, and adjust schedules accordingly.

Simplified Scheduling

ServiceBridge makes scheduling your team simple. From the dispatch board, administrators can easily see a team's schedule for the day and appointment availability so that open work orders are assigned appropriately. If a job is cancelled or added to a schedule, technicians are automatically notified by phone.

Designed For Your Business

ServiceBridge is designed with the unique needs of the pool service industry in mind. When peak season comes, it's easy to add additional team members - simply add a license and have them download the ServiceBridge application to their device. Our onboarding team will ensure they get up and running quickly.

There are no minimum license requirements or contracts with ServiceBridge, allowing you to minimize costs during the off-season. All your data is archived and securely stored in the cloud, allowing your business to pick right back up when peak season rolls back around.

QuickBooks Integration

ServiceBridge offers two-way QuickBooks Online integration - syncing invoices, taxes and more; making it easy to keep your accounting correct.

Unlimited Data

ServiceBridge offers unlimited cloud data storage - allowing you to store customer notes, photos, videos, custom forms and more for unlimited periods.

Cloud Based Software

ServiceBridge is cloud-based, giving you the ability to manage your business on any internet-connected device. There are no servers to maintain; no need to install software to a specific computer or back up your files - simply log in from any device to manage your business.

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