Service Dispatching Made Simple

ServiceBridge gives you an easy and convenient way to see your team’s schedules, work orders, and more all on one screen. The ServiceBridge calendar board allows office staff to see every team’s schedule, availability and more; making it easy to assign new jobs and see the status of work in progress. Drag and drop jobs onto the calendar and automatically notify field technicians about new assignment. With ServiceBridge, you can even dispatch jobs based on availability and skills.

Complete Field Visibility

Real-time Geotracking and job updates allows office staff to instantly see the progress of field technician teams, track traveling history and see the time spent at each job. In addition, ServiceBridge’s built-in route optimization helps teams save time, save fuel, and get more job done.

Eliminate Paperwork

No more manual data entry or lost work orders – with ServiceBridge, all of your existing forms, reports, inspection sheets, and any other paperwork can be converted to a digital format. Documents can easily be printed or shared with customers and throughout the team, keeping everyone on the same page.

Powerful Reporting Engine

Get in-depth analysis on company performance with custom reports tailored for your business. ServiceBridge allows you to run reports on any dataset – technician productivity, estimate win/loss, revenue by service, and more. ServiceBridge also has a public API, allowing you to create custom business dashboard and reports through Microsoft Power BI and other programs.

Unlimited Document Storage

ServiceBridge allows for unlimited cloud file storage – allowing you to attach an unlimited number of documents to a work order or customer record. Site layouts, legal agreements, contracts, inspection reports and more are accessible from a mobile device, giving your field technicians every document needed for the job.

Customized for You

ServiceBridge provides custom fields, allowing you to customize forms to fit the needs of your business. In addition, you also have the option to create completely custom forms in ServiceBridge to ensure our platform matches your workflow.

Grow your Service Business

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