Full Control of Your Network

ServiceBridge gives franchisors and headquarters personnel full control of their field service network. All locations are accessible from a main franchisor portal with the ability to take control of any account. Franchisors can add, remove, or suspend franchisees at any time. Custom account structures allow regional managers, master franchisees, and multi-unit owners control over their locations while still providing franchisors full access.

Company-Wide Consistency

ServiceBridge allows franchise owners to mandate forms and procedures across their entire organization, leading to better data quality and a better customer experience. ServiceBridge also implements branding across your customer-facing system, giving you a consistent brand image across your field service network.


Franchise Analytics

ServiceBridge’s powerful reporting engine enables your franchise organization to make data-driven decisions. Franchisors can run real-time company reports on any data set. Market Analysis reports allow franchisors to identify top and lowest-performing locations and take action. Integrated royalty reporting simplifies payments between headquarters and locations. Franchisees have full control and reporting ability on their own data, empowering them to grow their branch.

Full Field Service Application

ServiceBridge’s powerful franchise management and reporting features share the same platform as our robust field service application – giving your field workers the tools to work efficiently, delight customers, and document their jobs. No data integration required – all of your franchise’s information, from royalties to work orders, is hosted within the ServiceBridge platform.

Dedicated to Franchise Success

  • Personalized Onboarding: ServiceBridge will work with your headquarters team to build out a franchise implementation plan, as well as handling any data migration from your previous system.
  • Custom Development: Every franchise has unique requirements – our engineering team will work with your franchise to modify and extend our platform to fit your network’s needs.
  • Dedicated Support: From implementation planning to day-to-day tasks, our team is with you every step of the way, providing dedicated support to franchise networks.

Grow your Service Business

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