Critter Control franchise

"With ServiceBridge, our ability to grow has increased without having to add more staff. The application is working exactly the way we ever dreamed it would." – Joe Felegi, President

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Critter Control offers wildlife and pest control services. Before ServiceBridge, the process for delivering new work orders required field workers to make an office visit at the beginning and at the end of each workday. New work orders received during the day needed to be called in, burdening workers with additional paperwork and office calls. In turn, paperwork processing at the office peaked at the end of the day and required extended hours. Field workers also lacked the capability to capture job photos and communicate finished job information to customers.


With ServiceBridge, new work orders are delivered to the field worker mobile devices. They can collect payments, customer signatures, and capture photos before and after the job is completed. In addition, technicians are able to schedule new work orders and create estimates in the field.

Real time synchronization with the office eliminates the need for end-of-day data entry. The ServiceBridge application is well received by Critter Control customers, as they appreciate the efficient and paperless process. Previewing job completion photos and documents using the Customer Portal adds transparency and leaves a strong impression of professionalism.

Protec Petroleum

“Since we started using ServiceBridge two years ago, we have experienced growth nearing 60 percent and we have separated ourselves from our competition.” – Brian Pittenger, President


Protec Petroleum specializes in the sales and service of petroleum- and propane-related equipment. Before ServiceBridge, it was difficult to produce new work orders and invoices in the field and communicate the information to the office. Tracking warranties on equipment installed at customer’s site was also a challenge. Obtaining large accounts was also a challenge without tools to make communication seamless and transparent.


Using ServiceBridge, Protec Petroleum was able to distribute all jobs to field workers’ mobile devices. Job updates and new estimate information was always in-sync with the office. All manufacturer warranty information is now always available in the field. Communication with customers was improved by using the Customer Portal.

Robertson Pools

"Revenue is up 64% in large part due to our marketing through ServiceBridge and speed at which can communicate and give information to homeowners." - Kelli Griffin


With the current system, technicians have to make two office visits each day to pick up and drop off work orders. It is also impossible to efficiently track parts that are used in the field.


With ServiceBridge, Robertson’s field workers do not have to visit the office, as all job information goes directly to their mobile devices. The ServiceBridge mobile app makes it possible to add and update quantities of parts used on the job and sync this information with the office.

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